Tuesday, 15 April 2014


OOH JOY, I loaded up the photographs and blogger has put them on in the wrong order, the first photo should have been the enormous wild moon that followed me home from the group last  evening, lighting up the night sky and casting shadows across the fields of rape.  but enough of this eloquent scene setting.
Il start with a huge apology, I got the dates wrong, the trip around the world workshop with Trudi is the 31st of may NOT the 17th, please adjust your diaries........
looks like we are starting with the show and tell

this is a foundation method Xmas tree decoration- we will do this at the Christmas meet.

and this one,

Last night we all set to and made cloth hats.
     the hats appeared to go to some peoples heads , there was a lot of giggling ,and some people hid behind their machines rather than have their photo taken.

yes its you chloe...

lesleys hat needs some work,

Judith had made a big cutting mat bag.

Im blaming the silliness  on the ginormous moon that we watched, rising above the trees

what a beauty.....

Frankie showed us the dyed wallhanging shes been working on.
and heres another image of the moon..

not everyone finished their hats...

well done jean, [whos already made 6  this week]

ooh, Judith is soo proud of her hat,

Frankies waving judiths danglers about., whilst wearing a new frock.
and very nice it is too.and not everyone sewed,
 some people simply drank tea and had a nice chat....
not naming names.......
and to end with..
the first photo of the rising moon.
its always such an interesting adventure whn attempting to load images onto blogger.
night night.
I find myself humming that oldie but goody, who remembers cat stevens, and moon shadow?