Sunday, 9 February 2014

winter wonders

good evening ladies, and my total apologies for such a late post,my excuse is that someone  stole January away from me when I wasn't looking, I looked up and February had appeared....
Before we go any further can I remind everyone that tomorrow you will need to bring some thin fabric- like mens shirts and a large bodkin needle- the sort we used to use for threading elastic, we will provide the hessian, and everyone that wants  to can have a go at lorraines rug technique,
so, lets have a gander at everyones work this month
our shining star chloe has been busy, making a skirt with an interesting hem, well done chloe.


shes also made a dress, with a clever insert.

everyone seems to have been very busy,

this is a quite challenging patchwork pattern.

 we all tried making postcards
lorraines beautiful rug.
 this is going to be a stunning quilt, love those rowans

what a lovely hanging

first postcards

well that's all for now see you all tomorrow and don't forget to make a postcard as we will need them for our exhibition this summer,