Monday, 25 November 2013

catching up,,crimbos nearly here.,

thought wed start with a rather fine owl brooch, followed by a very nice name badge.

just to remind everyone, next meeting-,december, is our Christmas meeting, can you all bring an eatable thing, we will provide drinks, and all your show and tell stuff and we will have two Christmas items to make, so bring some christmassy fabric and  your machines and kit, and- if you want to join in with secret santa- then bring a present to get a present... oooh, Im so excited! 

annettes stunning bag,

frankies wall hanging,
arnt these snowmen lovely.

those snowmen are great...

lorraines birdie quilt,

cute little birdies.

lynnes bag,

sarah is our newest member and brought her crossstitch,

arnt you all a talented lot!

 one of our Christmas challenges- a dangly thing, beads or SEQUINS WOULD BE NICE!!!!
OH  GOODNESS,  somebody make me feel festive, need to find  those bauble earings,,,,,,,,, see you all in December, love tina.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Here we are again,

 We have just had the october meeting and , my goodness arnt you all prolific!!!
Onca again, some people remembered their name badges.........
Annette and jane working hard.

Christmas presents are being worked on.

That Baltimore block looks difficult.

Joan is working on her book.

Some chocolate muffins were made very welcome.

Lorraine is making a lovely birdy quilt, shes drawn the blocks herself.

Judith has been very busy.

lovely Christmas tree...

Janes pages for her silly hearts book are amazing, those embroidered paisleys are really beautifull.

Jane has included a lot of little gifts from the other people on the silly hearts book class. 

I think this is really clever, and I definitely want to make one.

All wrapped up- cool huh.

this is a lovely American cot  panel and Julie has finished it really well, lovely work.

And so goodnight for now, the next post will tell us what to bring for the next session in November.

Monday, 7 October 2013


Welcome to Grantham stitchers first post on our new blog.
At our last meeting we suggested that we all wear name tags to aid our failing memories.Add caption

Well done Judith and Annette, shame on the rest of you[and me]Add caption
 Annette showed us her lovely denim bag, cant believe she hand embroidered denim, fingers of steel.
Frankie has brought her lovely snowman blocks.Add caption

as I am useless and cant read my own writing I don't know who brought this beautifully stitched bag.Add caption

as usual ,everyone was really busyAdd caption

nice blocks, Pam.Add caption
another lovely bag.Add caption

Add caption
Julie is working on her travel cloth.dd caption

The mile a minute is still going on and Frankie showed us the Sharon Pederson method of joining quilt as you go blocks.......Add caption

Annette and Lynne.....talking.....Add caption

suggested challenge for next year, decorate a shopping bag.

Add caption

Add caption

that's it for our first post, will try to add gadgets now..