Monday, 7 October 2013


Welcome to Grantham stitchers first post on our new blog.
At our last meeting we suggested that we all wear name tags to aid our failing memories.Add caption

Well done Judith and Annette, shame on the rest of you[and me]Add caption
 Annette showed us her lovely denim bag, cant believe she hand embroidered denim, fingers of steel.
Frankie has brought her lovely snowman blocks.Add caption

as I am useless and cant read my own writing I don't know who brought this beautifully stitched bag.Add caption

as usual ,everyone was really busyAdd caption

nice blocks, Pam.Add caption
another lovely bag.Add caption

Add caption
Julie is working on her travel cloth.dd caption

The mile a minute is still going on and Frankie showed us the Sharon Pederson method of joining quilt as you go blocks.......Add caption

Annette and Lynne.....talking.....Add caption

suggested challenge for next year, decorate a shopping bag.

Add caption

Add caption

that's it for our first post, will try to add gadgets now..

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  1. Fabulous first post Tina, didn't know we'd been so prolific!