Saturday, 8 March 2014

dont budge an inch.

 hiya everybody, here are some of the postcards we made at the  last meeting, well done, they are lovely. can I remind everyone that we are doing inchies at the march meeting, don't forget your 12 inch background square and the 18 inch square of bondaweb and some scraps and  cutting mat ,cutter, ruler ,scissors, sewing kit, machine and machine threads, now back to show and tell.

someones getting ahead with their Christmas stuff--!!!!! oh no I said that  C word, pretend you didn't see it.

this is clever stuff.

this is Lorraine's pegged postcard, Lorraine was kind enough to show us how to make  rag rugs, thank you Lorraine, 

here is the block using curved piecing technique that we will be doing soon,
heres Lorraine showing us her threading using a monster needle.

heres julies  quilt that has many vintage  fabrics in it, full of memories,

heres  joans tower of flowers

and lastly, my homework from mary sleigh, goodbye and don't forget that wendy will be teaching us inchies at the next meeting,

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